Can Cruells
Can Cruells

Our company, Can Cruells, is a pork product manufactures since 1885 with the interruption of several years due to the Spanish Civil War. In 1984, the family decided to restart the production using the traditional homemade recipes. Surprisingly, at the early stages, the company pro- duced basically cured Catalan sausage and Majorican sausage and was sent to Mallorca from where we got wine and oil in return.

Together with our parents, the three brothers took charge of the company seeking the highest standards of quality. This implies a rigorous quality in production process, from the selection of meat (from farmers with the highest guarantees and best quality of meat), the processing plants, and the distribution and delivery of our products to city markets and specialty shops.

Alpens town (Osona region), located in the foothills of the Pre-Pyrenees at 850 metres high, enjoys the ideal climatic conditions to cure the sau- sages, meaning cold winters and gentle summers.

Can Cruells aims to improve every day and create the best sausage products.

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